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Improve your productivity and reduce risk by Accessing, Managing, Securing and Sharing your files from a single location.


The "utility knife" of the busy business professional!


For less than a cup of coffee a day, security, efficiency, productivity, content control, and peace of mind.

Content Confidence!

Fast, Easy, and Everywhere...

  • Access and modify all of your files from anywhere in a unified view.

  • Accurately compare versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.

  • Reduce risk by removing hidden data from files using our Metadata removal system.

  • Send files of any size securely and receive notifications when they are accessed.

  • Create a Workspace and share directly with members of your professional network.

  • Preview, modify, and upload new versions of your documents from every source!


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  • Create your Profile using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Plus Account.
  • Connect your favorite cloud storage services.
  • Create your synthetic workspace for your Matters, Deal Rooms, and Projects.
  • Preview, share, and Control your Documents with a single view.
  • Try our Quick Tools to perform document control changes on-the-fly.

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  • Full Access on all Major Browsers.
  • Full Access to all supported repositories.
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  • Full access to Synthetic Workspace Creation and Collaboration Workflow.

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